I can’t believe that chain letters are for real. My mom receive a chain letter from an anonymous person. The letter was sent today morning. Who would have send that thing to my mom.

The envelope of the chain letter and my mom’s name as well as my dad’s name and our address is written there

That’s the chain letter

And I’ll zoom it out to view the details

Here it is. My mom is scared about this and she is feeling uneasy about this letter. We told her to ignore it but she can’t help but keep thinking about this.

What is written in the letter:

Through the Holiness of

St. Jude Thaddeus


More than anything else, I would like to tell you that you will encounter good luck if you send around the world this letter through the holiness of St. Jude Thaddeus. This letter should be sent within thirty (30) days and you will receive a surprise no matter what important it is.

The President of Brazil received this letter and did not give attention. Within thirty (30) days he dies.

The letter was originally written by a priest and sent it around the world and before the ninth day he received one (1) million pesos. This should be accomplished with 25 cents in each letter for the glory of St. Jude Thaddeus and all souls in purgatory.

Antonio Marquez received this chain letter and told his secretary to type it. He forgot to send the copies, on the thirty ninth day, his family died in a tragic accident and lost his job without any reason.

You will receive good luck within 30 days especially what you need most. This chain letter that you received is “NO GAME”, and do not tear it for any reason.

Make 34 copies immediately and circulate in the Philippines. Actor George Estregan lost his wife within 30 days when he received and did not send copies of this letter.

Observe good luck within 30 days after you send copies of this. Pray two (2) OUR FATHER and two (2) HAIL MARY for your needs.




About hippieja

Hi my name is Cha some of my friends call me ja. I am such a random person and i spread much happiness to everyone. I am currently an Architecture Student
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