Thesis Proposal

I am an architecture student, it has been my dream to become an architect. As I reach my 5th yr it has been already the architecture students job to do the thesis in which only a few will pass. It has made me nervous for i don’t like to fail with this big task.

For the past months, me and my partner Francis has been working so hard to come up with the best and well research and designed proposal. We work the thesis for a school year. The first semester was lent to be the research process,  in which our task is to find a proposal and give the research which consist of the chapter one:the proposal, to our coordinators.

We didn’t even had a semester break and a holiday, well we actually did but it was not like before were we spent more time with friends and our family.

We come up with the proposal “Interactive Library” An Architectural Integration of a Park in a Library to Enhance Learning and Mental Focus of Users. We actually did change the Proposal Tittle several times just to make it clearer, also that the tittle itself can already explain what is inside our proposal.

This proposal was inspired of the national library in France, though it has some mistakes in users flow and etc. we were able to learn from it.

National Library in France (i don’t own this photo)

Another is the Library in Singapore and in China, which is done with legible research, design and construction.

National Library in Singapore (i don’t own this photo)

Library in China (i don’t own this photo)  same as with the above photos, the library has park inside.

We have come up with different schemes and sketches, changes were made with the help of our adviser. We’ve gone with mistakes but in the end we have able to correct those mistakes.

We focus more on the maintenance of the park and the security of the books. We discover Hypoxic Air venting system, a link will help explain it

And other facilities that will better the environment of the Traditional Library.


Here is a short explanation of our concept why we come up with this proposal.

The concept is to take the public library model as a suitable platform for the application of information culture for a developing information society. The new public library will provide for a change from a passive relationship between library users and library staff to an active engagement of everyone for a productive, meaningful and profitable involvement. The new information ground will appeal to everyone, young and old, the youth especially will be enticed to engage in the building and become active users and ultimately the teachers. The spatial environments will be designed for culture of sharing and peer learning, and like an urban thoroughfare, the spaces will accommodate these moments at any given time.

As the integration of a park within the facility will entice the public to be in the facility and be fascinated by its design, attracting more people to use the library and to gain more information of our culture as well as to increase the importance of both the traditional books and the digital format as well. Being cognizant of the different types of users of their characteristics or attitude will help in the formulation of the requirements of the facility.
The design approach of the study will therefore answer the issues of traditional library designs through the functional goals of the study; the primary issues such as the safety and security of the books and users and making the facility comfortable and accessible. The primary issues that should be dealt with will be addressed through functional design solutions. As both an educational and cultural building, the facility must reflect on its primary function and its importance to the community.
Without anymore thoughts let me show you the result of our sleepless nights and researching hard like nerds. 🙂 This pictures shown are not too shabby.hehehe



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Hi my name is Cha some of my friends call me ja. I am such a random person and i spread much happiness to everyone. I am currently an Architecture Student
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