1. THE CONVERSATIONIST – the one who starts the talking so that no one gets bored.
  2. THE SILENCER – suddenly gets silent when drunk. He/she may be not that silent when sober.
  3. THE TALKATIVE – who does a lot of talking, specially random topics but when sober is so silent, opposite of the silencer.
  4. THE RICH MAN – suddenly gets rich when drunk, pays all the bills.
  5. THE NINJA – disappears quickly when it’s time to pay the bill.
  6. THE SEX MANIAC – sex maniac in reality but when drunk, it worsens.
  7. THE HORNIX – horny when drunk or slutty when drunk.
  8. THE SMOKER – smokes a lot when drunk but dislike it when sober or smokes a stick when sober but when drunk he smokes a rim.
  9. SLEEPY HEAD – he directly falls out.
  10. THE HYPER ACTIVE – moves a lot randomly.
  11. THE YES MAN – same with the hyper active but does his job when someone says so.
  12. THE NO MAN – opposite to the Yes Man.
  13. THE CRY BABY – gets too sensitive at emotionally random topics.
  14. THE GAMBLER – likes to gamble.
  15. THE TRICKER – the one who skips drinks, he is actually the gunner.
  16. THE ICE MAN – responsible for putting the ice on the glass/ who asks for ice.
  17. THE MONSTER MAN – short tempered when drunk.
  18. THE ATTACKER – same as the Monster Man just that he attacks people.
  19. THE STRIPPER – undresses himself
  20. HAHAHA – the one who laughs out loud at random topics, even though it’s not funny at all.
  21. THE GENIUS – suddenly gets smart and talks a lot of random brilliant topics.
  22. THE BLONDE – opposite to the genius or he is dumb in reality & worsens when drunk.
  23. THE LOVER – easily falls in love with random person when drunk.
  24. THE DREAMER – talks a lot about fantasy or thing he can’t do it in reality.
  25. THE AWESOMIST – who thinks he is awesome & says awesome all the time.
  26. EAR PASSER – the one who tells the talkative to talk more but doesn’t even listening at all.
  27. THE TEXTER – texts people randomly.
  28. THE CALLER – calls any person on his phone list & talks random stuff.
  29. THE JANITOR – the one who cleans up the mess. “we mostly like it :)”
  30. THE THROWER – throws things at people with anything he touches.
  31. THE EATER – he mostly eat all the food in the table, saying he is full but stills eat.
  32. THE MUSICIAN – gets out his guitar & play or the who sings a lot.
  33. THE HELL BOY – turns red when drunk or even just a few glasses.
  34. THE ENGLISH MAN – suddenly use english in the conversation even though that’s not even our first tongue.
  35. THE LAZY ASS – so lazy to do stuff & just lay down or sits down.
  36. THE DEMANDER – same with lazy ass just that he mostly demands things to others.
  37. THE LAWYER – tells a lot of excuses of all the things.
  38. THE WOOH! – wooh! at things that sounds exciting.
  39. THE WEE-ER – he goes to the restroom a lot to pee.
  40. THE DANCER – is very obvious.
  41. THE ONE MORE – the one who yells one more round of drinks but actually tells the group before they drink that he has limit to only two bottles.
  42. THE PESSIMISTS – thinks negatively, reacts negatively.
  43. THE OPTIMISTIC – thinks positively, reacts positively.
  44. THE HEART BREAKER – the one who breaks up with their partner & regrets it after.
  45. THE DOCTOR – suddenly knows medical terms and drugs when someone feel sick.
  46. THE GUIDANCE COUNSELOR – the on who gives advises.
  47. THE ARTIST – makes random things in artistic way, like turning the table napkin into origami or who vandalizes.
  48. THE SWEATER – gets sweaty when drunks.
  49. THE COOLER – gets cold when drunk.
  50. THE VOMITTER – well everyone does this, LOL!
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Thesis Proposal

I am an architecture student, it has been my dream to become an architect. As I reach my 5th yr it has been already the architecture students job to do the thesis in which only a few will pass. It has made me nervous for i don’t like to fail with this big task.

For the past months, me and my partner Francis has been working so hard to come up with the best and well research and designed proposal. We work the thesis for a school year. The first semester was lent to be the research process,  in which our task is to find a proposal and give the research which consist of the chapter one:the proposal, to our coordinators.

We didn’t even had a semester break and a holiday, well we actually did but it was not like before were we spent more time with friends and our family.

We come up with the proposal “Interactive Library” An Architectural Integration of a Park in a Library to Enhance Learning and Mental Focus of Users. We actually did change the Proposal Tittle several times just to make it clearer, also that the tittle itself can already explain what is inside our proposal.

This proposal was inspired of the national library in France, though it has some mistakes in users flow and etc. we were able to learn from it.

National Library in France (i don’t own this photo)

Another is the Library in Singapore and in China, which is done with legible research, design and construction.

National Library in Singapore (i don’t own this photo)

Library in China (i don’t own this photo)  same as with the above photos, the library has park inside.

We have come up with different schemes and sketches, changes were made with the help of our adviser. We’ve gone with mistakes but in the end we have able to correct those mistakes.

We focus more on the maintenance of the park and the security of the books. We discover Hypoxic Air venting system, a link will help explain it

And other facilities that will better the environment of the Traditional Library.


Here is a short explanation of our concept why we come up with this proposal.

The concept is to take the public library model as a suitable platform for the application of information culture for a developing information society. The new public library will provide for a change from a passive relationship between library users and library staff to an active engagement of everyone for a productive, meaningful and profitable involvement. The new information ground will appeal to everyone, young and old, the youth especially will be enticed to engage in the building and become active users and ultimately the teachers. The spatial environments will be designed for culture of sharing and peer learning, and like an urban thoroughfare, the spaces will accommodate these moments at any given time.

As the integration of a park within the facility will entice the public to be in the facility and be fascinated by its design, attracting more people to use the library and to gain more information of our culture as well as to increase the importance of both the traditional books and the digital format as well. Being cognizant of the different types of users of their characteristics or attitude will help in the formulation of the requirements of the facility.
The design approach of the study will therefore answer the issues of traditional library designs through the functional goals of the study; the primary issues such as the safety and security of the books and users and making the facility comfortable and accessible. The primary issues that should be dealt with will be addressed through functional design solutions. As both an educational and cultural building, the facility must reflect on its primary function and its importance to the community.
Without anymore thoughts let me show you the result of our sleepless nights and researching hard like nerds. 🙂 This pictures shown are not too shabby.hehehe


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One that is found in my bucket list is to have a permanent tattoo. So i decided to have a tattoo as a birthday present. I wasn’t really able to have it at the day of my birthday. But i’m still happy that i was able to do it. I was making up my mind if I’m gonna put it in my arm or in my back, in the end decided to put it in my lower back because i am still studying and my effin school won’t let me in with a tat. I decided to put my year i was born. Here is my Tattoo

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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My Lingua mistakes

I live in the Philippines which is a country in Asia. The Philippines in subdivided in two 3 major Islands which has sub islands in it. It is the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. I live in Visayas specifically in Cebu which is the Queen city of the South. It is known also as the capital of I.T in the Country. Our dialect is Bisaya which is known as Cebuano.

I do have also flaws in my lingo. I can’t really understand deep words or sentences in the dialect but i do know how to speak it.Here are some of my flaws

1. I say “dili ko makahinumdom..” the beginning phrase before i say something which i cant really forget.. i do say that instead of saying “dili jud ko makalimot”- that is the right phrase to say.

2. I say “usahay permi ko….” which is the beginning phrase for saying time event. Well the mistake there is “usahay” means sometimes and “permi” means always. i used both of it in a sentence which is wrong.

3. I can’t really count numbers after 10 using my dialect. Well i do know some but i can’t barely remember. (e.g. Kenyentos- which is 500) LOL i even search to that.

4. I can’t pronounce properly the word “kahihion ko” and im not even sure if thats the right word. it means i really need to pee.

And i do have many more flaws.. But honestly i do love my dialect. 🙂

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My friends and I decided to go mountain trekking for a change, because we always do island hopping or swimming at the beach during summer but now its different. It was my first time to go up the mountain like the highest mountain in my place.

We went to Osmeña Peak in Mantalongon, Dalagute, Cebu in Philippines. We lived in the city so we rode a bus going to Dalaguete, travel for almost 3 hours and paying 101 for non aircon bus.

As we reach Dalaguete we then rode habal-habal or a motorbike that can accommodate lots of passengers. The route is going to the Market of Mantalongon. The fare is 50 php per person.

As we reach the Market, we then started hiking going up……… excited much!!

Our first step going up

Then we pass by a Groto where people pray, because filipinos are known to be religious..

we continued walking for 2 hours until….

We reach osmeña peak… the pain and the sweat was worth it after seeing the view from the peak..

We spend a night in there, with our tents and ate our foods with the help of some cooking utensils like the burner and the “spork”…

the views up in the mountain

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This was just a random and boring day, so I decided to do this. well it’s not that good though, i’m too shy to sing out loud because there were too many people around and many of my family members coming in and out of my room. so yeah this is just for fun 🙂

NEED YOU NOW-lady antebellum

Asus Cm

Asus                                              Cm
Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor
Asus                                              Cm
Reaching for the phone 'cause I can't fight it anymore
      Asus                        Cm
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
          Asus            Asus
For me it happens all the time

       E                                      Gm
It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
E                                                  Gm
Said I wouldn't come, but I lost all control and I need you now
      Asus                             Asus                    Asus Cm
And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now

Asus                                               Cm
Another shot of whiskey, can't stop looking at the door
Asus                                              Cm
Wishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did before
      Asus                        Cm
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
          Asus            Asus
For me it happens all the time

       E                                           Gm
It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now
E                                                  Gm
Said I wouldn't come, but I lost all control and I need you now
      Asus                             Asus
And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now

Solo Chords
Cm  B  E  Asus  B    x2

        Asus                             Cm
Yes I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all

       E                                      Gm
It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
      E                                                  Gm
And I said I wouldn't call, but I'm a little drunk and I need you now
      Asus                             Asus            E      Gm
And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now……………

                 E       Gm       E      
 I just need you now

Gm                      E        Gm       E
     Oh baby I need you now
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There is a lot of things that I want to do, like photography, i love to take pictures everyday as a remembrance of everything i do. I will only live once as single? as a teen? as crazy as i am. This will help me remember things as i get old.

But not just that I want to take scenes, photos that are with drama or with story those sort of things. But most of all i want it into a vintage way or sort of whatever craziness i feel.LOL!

This is one of the photo I ask my friends to took for me. Edited it in a way making the background black and white and highlights the hands which is the focus. That is me and my friend Ramon.

They are my nephews, making my other nephew who is Sedward as the background by blurring and more focus on my other nephew who is Swayne. By looking at it, it seems that Sedward is far away from Swayne, but actually they are just next to each other.. 😀

The vintage type: adjusting the red, green and blue curves to make it vintage 🙂

Model : Swayne Josh Teves

The Black and White Drama

Black and White photo to make it look old while putting some colors as an accent. 🙂

Model: Ramon and Ja

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