1. THE CONVERSATIONIST – the one who starts the talking so that no one gets bored.
  2. THE SILENCER – suddenly gets silent when drunk. He/she may be not that silent when sober.
  3. THE TALKATIVE – who does a lot of talking, specially random topics but when sober is so silent, opposite of the silencer.
  4. THE RICH MAN – suddenly gets rich when drunk, pays all the bills.
  5. THE NINJA – disappears quickly when it’s time to pay the bill.
  6. THE SEX MANIAC – sex maniac in reality but when drunk, it worsens.
  7. THE HORNIX – horny when drunk or slutty when drunk.
  8. THE SMOKER – smokes a lot when drunk but dislike it when sober or smokes a stick when sober but when drunk he smokes a rim.
  9. SLEEPY HEAD – he directly falls out.
  10. THE HYPER ACTIVE – moves a lot randomly.
  11. THE YES MAN – same with the hyper active but does his job when someone says so.
  12. THE NO MAN – opposite to the Yes Man.
  13. THE CRY BABY – gets too sensitive at emotionally random topics.
  14. THE GAMBLER – likes to gamble.
  15. THE TRICKER – the one who skips drinks, he is actually the gunner.
  16. THE ICE MAN – responsible for putting the ice on the glass/ who asks for ice.
  17. THE MONSTER MAN – short tempered when drunk.
  18. THE ATTACKER – same as the Monster Man just that he attacks people.
  19. THE STRIPPER – undresses himself
  20. HAHAHA – the one who laughs out loud at random topics, even though it’s not funny at all.
  21. THE GENIUS – suddenly gets smart and talks a lot of random brilliant topics.
  22. THE BLONDE – opposite to the genius or he is dumb in reality & worsens when drunk.
  23. THE LOVER – easily falls in love with random person when drunk.
  24. THE DREAMER – talks a lot about fantasy or thing he can’t do it in reality.
  25. THE AWESOMIST – who thinks he is awesome & says awesome all the time.
  26. EAR PASSER – the one who tells the talkative to talk more but doesn’t even listening at all.
  27. THE TEXTER – texts people randomly.
  28. THE CALLER – calls any person on his phone list & talks random stuff.
  29. THE JANITOR – the one who cleans up the mess. “we mostly like it :)”
  30. THE THROWER – throws things at people with anything he touches.
  31. THE EATER – he mostly eat all the food in the table, saying he is full but stills eat.
  32. THE MUSICIAN – gets out his guitar & play or the who sings a lot.
  33. THE HELL BOY – turns red when drunk or even just a few glasses.
  34. THE ENGLISH MAN – suddenly use english in the conversation even though that’s not even our first tongue.
  35. THE LAZY ASS – so lazy to do stuff & just lay down or sits down.
  36. THE DEMANDER – same with lazy ass just that he mostly demands things to others.
  37. THE LAWYER – tells a lot of excuses of all the things.
  38. THE WOOH! – wooh! at things that sounds exciting.
  39. THE WEE-ER – he goes to the restroom a lot to pee.
  40. THE DANCER – is very obvious.
  41. THE ONE MORE – the one who yells one more round of drinks but actually tells the group before they drink that he has limit to only two bottles.
  42. THE PESSIMISTS – thinks negatively, reacts negatively.
  43. THE OPTIMISTIC – thinks positively, reacts positively.
  44. THE HEART BREAKER – the one who breaks up with their partner & regrets it after.
  45. THE DOCTOR – suddenly knows medical terms and drugs when someone feel sick.
  46. THE GUIDANCE COUNSELOR – the on who gives advises.
  47. THE ARTIST – makes random things in artistic way, like turning the table napkin into origami or who vandalizes.
  48. THE SWEATER – gets sweaty when drunks.
  49. THE COOLER – gets cold when drunk.
  50. THE VOMITTER – well everyone does this, LOL!

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Hi my name is Cha some of my friends call me ja. I am such a random person and i spread much happiness to everyone. I am currently an Architecture Student
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