A Newbie in Sewing

Monday.June 14,2010: I was really bored at that time that i decided to sew. I saw a jeans of mine that has holes and needs to be patch up. And i wanna sew it for it is my favorite jeans. My dad was the one who bought it when both of us decided to stroll around the mall. I still can’t forget that day because he was the one who keeps on pushing me to buy stuffs for myself, then i decided to buy a jeans, an expensive jeans and my dad didn’t complain on the price. When I was fitting on some jeans I asked my dad to tell me if it looks good on me. I can say that bringing your dad in looking for fashion is a bad idea. All the jeans I have tried, all he said was “it’s good on you, that one fits perfectly, it is fine, nice jeans” but for me I don’t feel that it looks good on me. But whatever he is saying, he is still awesome. 🙂

Here are the things that I use in sewing: my jeans, a scratch part of a jean, and sewing box with sewing things inside 🙂

Here is the wonder needle that helped me in sewing and which also hurt my finger.LOL!

My Dickies Jeans: I decided to cut it up and make it a worn out short and then the left part of it, I use it to patch my other jean.

Look at those holes, it seems that it was eaten by a rat. And if you notice a stitch perimeter on it. I was the one who stitched it.

Here is a closer look of the patch that i sewed. It looks terrible, I even asked my mom how to stitch that. And I don’t even know what stitch I use. Woah! I’m just terrible in sewing.

Thanks to this things, I was able to try sewing on my own. 🙂


About hippieja

Hi my name is Cha some of my friends call me ja. I am such a random person and i spread much happiness to everyone. I am currently an Architecture Student
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