My friends and I decided to go mountain trekking for a change, because we always do island hopping or swimming at the beach during summer but now its different. It was my first time to go up the mountain like the highest mountain in my place.

We went to Osmeña Peak in Mantalongon, Dalagute, Cebu in Philippines. We lived in the city so we rode a bus going to Dalaguete, travel for almost 3 hours and paying 101 for non aircon bus.

As we reach Dalaguete we then rode habal-habal or a motorbike that can accommodate lots of passengers. The route is going to the Market of Mantalongon. The fare is 50 php per person.

As we reach the Market, we then started hiking going up……… excited much!!

Our first step going up

Then we pass by a Groto where people pray, because filipinos are known to be religious..

we continued walking for 2 hours until….

We reach osmeña peak… the pain and the sweat was worth it after seeing the view from the peak..

We spend a night in there, with our tents and ate our foods with the help of some cooking utensils like the burner and the “spork”…

the views up in the mountain


About hippieja

Hi my name is Cha some of my friends call me ja. I am such a random person and i spread much happiness to everyone. I am currently an Architecture Student
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