April 18, 2010 was the date when me and my high school friends went outing and it was in BOHOL! It was my first time to travel there alone, i meant i wasn’t with my family. So here we go….. fasten your seat belt because you might fall from our trip….

Me and my friends at the Boat. We travel by the sea from Cebu to Bohol and it was almost midnight. I have paid 210 php for the fare.

Guess the boat was moving at this time. We stayed at the balcony to see the view at night, we saw the city lights of Cebu. And we had able to see millions of stars and had felt the sea breeze.

Then as we arrived at the port, we directly went to Ana’s Aunt House. We stayed there for few hours. We took a rest and we freshen ourselves to get ready for the adventures.

We then left by 8 am at the house, we rode a van as our vehicle for the trip. This is at the Blood Compact Site.

A closer view of one of the statues in the Blood Compact Site

Still in Blood Compact Site with the view of Panglao Island at our back 🙂

Next was at Baclayan Church, an old heritage church. I am not really that religious but it’s architectural structure is interesting.

@ the altar, they don’t allow people to get inside wearing mini short and sleeveless, so they put on a cloth on me to cover up my legs. I look like a “manang”

The next trip was in a zoo like area, i don’t know the name of the place, in which the biggest snake is found named “prony”

We took a rest at the zoo and beside us are cages of birds and wild cats. There are a lot of birds in there just couldn’t take photos to all of them.

Here are few of the birds that you can see there 🙂

Next stop was in the man made forest. The feeling of being here is so relaxing, the air it was so cool. You can enjoy spending the rest of your day in here though you can’t stay here at night because there are no lights.

It was a long and curvy way to reach here but it was worth it. We then stayed here for few hours and took our lunch.

That’s how tall the trees are which were made by man. Damn! I look like a weakling ant in that picture 🙂

We then took off and reached here the Chocolate Hills, it looks like big kisses chocolates. nom…nom..

We have to take those steps to reach the top to see the view of the Chocolate Hills

It was low pressure at that time and I was gasping taking those steps going up. The air was so cool and cold that it is so hard to find your breathe.

And voahlah!!! at last we reached the top

Next was in the hanging bridge. Don’t panic because it is sturdy! LOL!

And I was expecting to see a tarsier in that place, but they disappoint me.

That’s the tarsier and I wasn’t able to see that. huhu 😥

After that we went to the beach……….

It was night already when we reached the beach. That was in ALONA BEACH RESORT.

There were night life at the Resort, there were bands, dances and parties. There were also fire dance at the seaside and my friend Jovel was able to show his talent to the public. He gain lots of applause from the audience.

We stayed there for few hours then we head back to our place.

We stayed at Ana’s Grandparents house then we took a rest, took some few drinks and waited for the sun to rise. At this time we were awake already and getting ready to go to an island adventure.


About hippieja

Hi my name is Cha some of my friends call me ja. I am such a random person and i spread much happiness to everyone. I am currently an Architecture Student
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