Some Rules in Winning Friendships

Other rules to observe in gaining the confidence of people or winning their friendship are:

Smile always. There is nothing that enlivens a meeting more than a genuine smile lighting your countenance. Who would you prefer to talk to, one who presents an unresponsive countenance, or one who is smiling with genuine interest?

Naturally the genial companion is wanted everywhere for even though one is depressed in spirit, the  contagion of a smile inspires others to  act the same and forget worries and depression.

Be a good listener. Don’t interrupt him with your own views. Let him talk freely. Take interest in what  he says: appreciate his interest as you would your own. Give him the audience he desires, and friendship will come out of this patient listening.

Sympathize with his aspirations.

Give him encouragement. Show by words and action that you realize his situation, that you are behind him in situation presents some difficulties, try to belittle them; site some shining examples who have overcome obstacles for encouragement begets friendship.

Be helpful. If one has a problem to tackle, help him. If he needs some of your time, for example help him with it. Although your efforts in trying to get the books fail, at least you have shown him you did your best.

Never contradict directly. When discussing a subject with someone and you find that his views are wrong, do not confront him with his error bluntly. You might hurt his pride and once this happens, he will try to maintain his wrong views as a matter of pride. Remember that a man prizes his pride above everything else and once you hurt it, he will try to rebuild it at your expense.

If you are sure of his opinions are really wrong, do not say, “You are wrong.” Instead, try to go about changing his opinions as subtly and tactfully as possible. Begin your arguments with,  “Don’t you think that…” or, “I may be wrong but it isn’t it the other way around?”

In this way, you get the chance to express your opinions which are opposite his and which are the correct ones without lessening the importance of his statements. You make him feel that you value his opinions even though you may not accept them.

Be honest enough to admit and acknowledge your mistakes. This is a way of proving to others your sincerity and showing them that you value their trust and faith in you. Remember that sincerity goes a long way towards promoting friendships and lasting cordial relations.


About hippieja

Hi my name is Cha some of my friends call me ja. I am such a random person and i spread much happiness to everyone. I am currently an Architecture Student
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